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All My Children
Thurs., July 17, 2008

Today on All My Children:

Kendall tells a surprised Greenlee that Ryan has regained his memory. Zach catches Annie in a lie and presses her to reveal what she did with the money she got from pawning her wedding ring.

Tad bumps into Ryan at the yacht club and shares some of his own experience with amnesia. Jesse warns Fletcher to leave Pine Valley ... or else.

Meanwhile, Frankie offers to pay for Randi's time in order to keep her from going back to her pimp. Zach urges a flustered Annie to admit that Richie was blackmailing her.

When Fletcher refuses to relocate, Jesse places him under arrest. Kendall tries to explain to Greenlee that Ryan loves her but elects to keep mum after she realizes her friend has happily reconciled with Aidan.

Annie finally confesses to Zach how she paid her brother's bail and then gave him even more cash to skip town. A worried Angie cautions Jesse that their son is already falling for Randi.

Greenlee is puzzled by Kendall's sudden desire to rid Fusion of Annie. Later, Greenlee offers Kendall her forgiveness.

Unmoved by Annie's crocodile tears, Zach prods her for the real story. Randi lashes out at Frankie for prying into her personal life.

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