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Amanda continues to take shots of tequila at BJ's as Angie confides to Krystal how angry she is with her husband. Jesse is standing right behind her.

JR brings little A to the hospital after the boy begins running a fever. Aidan and Annie privately gloat over the way their devious plan is working out.

Greenlee insists on accompanying a frantic Ryan on his search for his daughter and estranged wife. Jesse urges Angie to open up about her concerns.

Tad and JR both icily advise David to keep his distance from the people they love. Annie assures Aidan that their spouses will come running back to them once the end game has been played.

Excited to regain a bit of feeling in her legs, Taylor tells Jake she's certain his ministrations are the reason for her improving health.

Angie tearfully points out to Jesse how Rebecca will always own a piece of his heart. Randi prods a dejected Frankie to unburden himself to her.

Aidan and Annie stage another scene to convince Ryan and Greenlee that Emma's kidnapper has eluded them once again.

The bartender at BJ's phones David after Amanda finally passes out. Jesse swears to Angie that she alone is the love of his life.

Tad cautions Krystal against letting David take advantage of her sympathetic nature.

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