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Zach returns from Canada and tells Bianca her sister is unresponsive. Adam invites Erica to stay with him now that the Yacht Club is uninhabitable.

A woman named Aggie comes to Pine Valley Hospital after being pulled from the rubble left behind by the tornado.

Jesse tries to make an angry Frankie understand why he had to keep such a big secret from his family.

Adam enjoys Jackson's look of consternation upon discovering that Erica has moved into the Chandler mansion.

Amanda awakens at Wildwind with a massive hangover.

JR sadly sifts through Babe's belongings after the hotel in San Diego returns her luggage.

Angie advises her son to move past his feelings of betrayal and cut Jesse some slack. David urges Amanda to teach JR a badly needed lesson while reclaiming her lost fortune at the same time.

Reese offers to help Zach rebuild his casino. Bianca and Reese decide to stay in Pine Valley indefinitely.

Aggie makes her way to Tad's house, where Opal is dazzled by the stranger's bright aura. Frankie forgives his grateful dad.

Amanda approaches JR as he stands at Babe's grave.

Opal digs into Aggie's history and shows Tad and the others proof that the mysterious visitor was present at the birth of their town more than 150 years ago.

Later, the residents of Pine Valley observe a solemn moment of silence to commemorate the victims of the storm.

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