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Colby is surprised to discover Erica living under the Chandlers' roof. An emergency landing of the charter plane forces Ryan's search to grind to a halt.

Bianca feels frazzled following a sleepless night up with the new baby. Taylor throws herself into physical therapy with renewed vigor.

Ryan calls Aidan to say he suspects Annie may have arranged the whole "kidnapping" herself. Frankie learns that Brot disappeared from the Bethesda VA shortly after their talk.

Meanwhile, Brot arrives in Pine Valley and heads for the hospital.

After the Slaters' nanny calls in sick, Bianca has her hands full caring for Gabrielle, Miranda, Spike and Ian. Erica reminds Adam that she doesn't love him but he cheerfully refuses to take no for an answer.

Frankie wonders if he should reveal Brot's secret to Taylor.

Pete's love for Colby remains unrequited. Reese gets to work rebuilding the casino. Annie's hopes rise when Ryan appears to be growing closer.

Pete listens closely to Adam's advice on the best way to handle women. After hiring a pair of nannies to deal with the kids, Erica urges Bianca to make sure Reese helps out more around the house.

Greenlee is puzzled by Aidan's peculiar behavior.

Brot secretly watches Taylor laughing with Jake. Adam presents Erica with a dazzling diamond necklace and the two share a passionate kiss.

Bianca hears Reese confiding to Zach how her parents rejected her when she told them she was a lesbian.

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