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JR fights off the temptation to take a drink, while David reminds Amanda that their plan won't work if she doesn't exercise some self-restraint. Rebecca refuses any further treatment.

Angie and Frankie realize their patient only has a few more weeks to live. In Puerto Rico, Ryan, Greenlee and Aidan hear a gunshot and rush into the hotel room to find Annie standing over Di.

Krystal convinces a reluctant JR to let his son spend a night at the Chandler mansion with Adam. Taylor and Jake continue to grow closer as he helps her with her physical therapy.

As Annie frantically claims that the shooting was an accident, a wounded Di raises her gun and fires but Aidan jumps in front of Greenlee and takes the bullet himself.

Colby brings food down to the hospital basement for her stowaway, then prods Brot to talk about his experience in the war. Angie commends Natalia for being so strong for her ailing mother.

After Ryan, Annie and Greenlee are taken into custody, Jesse arrives on the island to help with the investigation. Angie decides to ask Rebecca to move in with the Hubbards. David coaxes Amanda to take another pass at JR.

Greenlee is dismayed to hear that Aidan isn't expected to survive
. Brot again witnesses a tender moment between Jake and Taylor.

What happens next? Find out in our All My Children spoilers!

All My Children
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