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David warns Krystal against letting their grandson spend any time in the presence of Adam and JR. Taylor tells Jake she could fall in love with a guy like him.

On Pine Key, Ryan and Annie manage to elude the police and return to the hotel to search for clues to their daughter's whereabouts.

Meanwhile, a frantic Greenlee phones Jake and begs him to fly down to the island to save Aidan's life. Rebecca gratefully accepts Angie's offer to move in for the duration of her terminal illness.

Colby prevents Frankie from discovering Brot's hiding place. Afterwards, she prods Brot to reveal the real reason he came to town. Emma awakens to find herself alone and locked inside a church.

Frankie explains to an agitated Natalia why signing a DNR order is the best thing her mom could do under the circumstances. After hearing Brot's tale, Colby urges him to show himself to the woman he loves.

Amanda and JR reminisce about Babe.

Jesse, Ryan and Annie finally locate the church but are alarmed to spot flames shooting from the windows. Taylor awakens crying from a dream about dancing with Brot.

Krystal frets about little A living under the Chandlers' roof. Ryan races to save Emma from the inferno.

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