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David attempts to use Krystal's grief to his advantage. Erica is appalled to walk in on a dispute between JR and Amanda.

As Jake brings Aidan back to Pine Valley Hospital, Jackson explains to Greenlee why Kendall was sent to a new facility in Canada.

Angie assures a relieved Annie and Ryan their daughter is in good health despite her recent ordeal
. Though Erica urges her to report JR to the police, Amanda insists she provoked the attack.

Surprised to find that Rebecca and Natalia have moved in, Jesse commends his wife for her generosity. Krystal returns home and apologizes to Tad for snapping at him earlier.

Greenlee bristles when Erica announces to her staff that Randi will be the new face of Fusion. Ryan promises Emma he won't let anyone scare her ever again.

Angie becomes agitated by the obvious connection between Jesse and Rebecca. JR vents his grief and fury on his father as the loss of Babe threatens to overwhelm him.

Rebecca admits to Jesse how she already knew she was terminally ill when she pushed him away. Erica warns Adam that his son is out of control.

Ryan informs Annie he knows she set up the "kidnapping."

Amanda has second thoughts about destroying JR but David insists she stay the course. Annie pulls a gun on Ryan.

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