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Amanda begins to wonder how far David will go in his quest to destroy JR. Aidan stuns Greenlee when he confesses how he took part in Annie's plot.

A gun-toting Annie threatens to silence Ryan permanently unless he plays along. Bianca angrily accuses JR of trying to rape Amanda.

Krystal awakens gasping from another dream about David. Jake enlists Tad's help persuading Aidan to undergo the surgery which could save his life.

David warns Amanda to keep her mouth shut

Aidan explains to his estranged wife why he elected to join forces with Annie. After Ryan finally convinces her to surrender her weapon, Annie admits how she planned the whole bogus kidnapping.

Angie confides to Krystal how sick and tired she is of being so generous where Jesse's other family is concerned.

Tad manages to talk some sense into Aidan at last. Bianca tells an appalled Reese how JR once pushed her off a balcony.

Annie's fury rises again when Greenlee barges in on the Laverys.

JR apologizes to Amanda to frightening her earlier. A tearful Angie comes clean with Jesse.

David insists on scrubbing in with Jake for Aidan's surgery.

What happens next? Find out in our All My Children spoilers!

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