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Taylor continues to fly off the handle when the subject of physical therapy arises. David steps in after Dr. Barnaby suffers a heart attack.

JR tells Tad and a crushed Krystal he and little Adam are returning to San Diego to try to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

Jake suggests to a fuming Taylor that she stop feeling sorry for herself and start working on her rehabilitation instead.

Aidan points out to Ryan how the kidnapper seems to be picking off people he cares about, one by one.

While Adam says farewell to his grandson, JR cautions Colby never to place her trust in David.

Ryan puzzles over who might want to carry out a personal vendetta against him. With both his cardiologists out of commission, Joe overrules Jake's objections and offers David his old position on the hospital staff.

After Aidan speculates that Emma and Annie are being held in Puerto Rico, Ryan decides to ask Zach for a favor. Tad confides to Jake how an anonymous client hired him to check up on Taylor.

Upset to learn about JR taking little A back to California, David urges Krystal to change her son-in-law's mind.

Jake leaves a wheelchair in Taylor's room. Angie reveals to a shocked Jesse that Rebecca is dying from an inoperable brain tumor.

Taylor finally pulls herself out of bed and begins crawling towards the chair. Angie promises Jesse they'll all be there for Natalia after her mother passes away.

Before leaving town, JR and his son pay a last visit to the cemetery. Zach agrees to lend Ryan the Cambias jet.

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