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Ryan, Aidan and Greenlee arrive in Puerto Rico to search for Annie and Emma. Jake persists in pushing Taylor to start work on her rehab, while Tad asks Frankie if any of his Army buddies might be at the VA hospital.

Reese introduces herself to Jackson.

At Fusion, Amanda fumes at being treated like a serf by Erica.

JR icily warns David he's not buying the doctor's self-proclaimed transformation into a saintly philanthropist. Jack smells a rat upon learning that Adam has abruptly dropped his lawsuit.

Krystal gratefully embraces David after he reveals his plans to honor their daughter's memory by building a new wing on the hospital.

Tad heads to Maryland to follow up a lead on his mystery client.

Jake continues camping out in Taylor's room and soon has her laughing again. Krystal defends David to a baffled JR.

Zach maintains his vigil beside Kendall's bed in the ICU.

A group of wounded veterans from the Iraq war share their stories with the media as Tad looks on. A tipsy Amanda drops by Wildwind to complain to David about the people who have wronged her.

Zach sadly realizes the best thing he can do for Kendall is send her to Toronto for long term care. Jake tells a startled Taylor she was the reason he broke up with his girlfriend.

David plants a kiss on Amanda. Adam gleefully informs Jackson that he and Erica are in love. Bianca and her mother say their farewells to Kendall.

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