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Colby shows Liza a bouquet of flowers from David. Liza promptly drops them in the garbage. Tad follows David to Liza's where he defends sending her flowers.

He apologizes for being a jerk and compliments her on her beauty. Accepting his apology, Liza tells him it's late and sends him on his way.

After he leaves, Tad confronts Liza about the reason for David's visit.

He then spills the beans about Jake and Amanda's scheme, stunning her with the revelation that her baby is not Amanda's baby.

After the truth sinks in, Tad asks her to find out if David's got Trevor.

Jesse confirms for Frankie and Angie that Randi killed North and he covered it up. After his father reveals what happened that night in D.C., Frankie lashes out at Jesse for not telling him that North tried to rape Randi.

Jesse insists he was trying to protect her and their baby. After he calms down, Frankie reports that Madison told him tonight what Randi did. Randi pleads with Natalia not to force her to turn the baby in.

Natalia agrees but worries about Randi's state of mind. Frankie is relieved to come home and find his wife there. Hearing the baby crying, Randi stuns her husband by revealing that it's their baby.

Thanking Taylor for spending time with her in the hospital, Opal convinces her to let her "read" her palm and afterwards, calls her an amazing woman. Later, as she's released, Opal argues with David about the death of his baby.

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