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Natalia argues with Frankie and Randi about keeping the baby she found. She insists that the parents need to be reunited with their son.
When Madison threatens Angie, Jesse steps in and reminds her that she'll lose the millions from her dead husband's insurance policy if she tells anyone what happened to North.

Madison insists that she holds the key to this situation but later, Angie calls Washington and states that she has changed her mind about questioning the dead D.A.'s autopsy report.

Tad takes a chance on the first open mic night at ConFusion.

Seeing David alone, he calls Liza to hurry to the club. Grabbing the mic, Tad goes after the doctor. Liza allows David to hold her baby.

Talking with Jake, Tad warns that David probably still thinks that Amanda's baby might be his.

Kendall and Zach are relieved when her chest pains turn out to be nothing. When the EMTs arrive, thanks to his 911 call, Zach uses Jesse's name to send them on their way.

Jake and Amanda track down the phone to a bar in Gloucester and discover ex-nurse Gayle is the owner. She confirms that David is helping her with the finances but asks them not to tell David that they traced her there. Later, Gayle gives someone an injection.

In Africa Krystal swats away the scorpion when Erica refuses to act. Later, Krystal's impressed when Erica does her TV spot for the refugee charity without using any notes or cue cards.

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