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Frankie tells Madison he doesn't have any money. He also warns her to stay away from his wife. When Randi calls about the baby, Frankie tells her to bring him to the hospital.

After suggesting that her injury wasn't caused by a door hitting her, David is stunned when Liza lets slip that she slept with Zach.

She tries to backpedal as he suggests that Adam might have been the person who hit her from behind.

After refusing to have sex with a demanding Kendall, Zach stops by the hospital to check on Liza who reports David's finding about her injury.

Daring David to call the police about his theory, Zach lies to Liza that he was the only other person in the room when she was hit and insists that it was the falling door that hit her.

When they can't stop Matthew from crying, Frankie agrees to take the baby to the hospital for treatment. Amanda becomes frantic when she spots Trevor in a locked room at the hospital.

Unable to enter, she runs through the halls, past a concerned David and tells Tad and Jake she found their baby. Neither men believe her but Amanda convinces Jake that she found the baby.

Randi warns Frankie about seeing Amanda so they decide it's time to take the baby. Marissa pulls back from JR's kiss and tries to get him to tell her what's wrong with him.

Instead, JR decides he's got to leave. He runs into Tad and stuns him when he reveals that he might have cancer.

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