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Scott assures Adam that Zach does need a loan. Annie asks Scott if he truly believes Zach's need for cash is real. Liza tells Zach that she's removing herself from Kendall's case.

He vows not to let her go and later warns Jesse what Kendall did to Liza. Angie advises JR that his biopsy shows that he has a rare form of cancer.

After he admits he wants to see his son grow up, Angie gives him Dr. Kahn's name at Mercy because she knows that he won't want to be treated where David works. JR states that he wants time to consider this.

JR heads back to the mansion where Adam notices his troubled appearance and asks if he's been drinking again.

He denies it and heads to Babe's grave with Little A where he makes an impassioned speech which Marissa overhears.

Natalia tells Randi and Frankie that they need to tell Jesse where and when they found the baby. But when it comes time to do so, they can't find Randi who has run to Jesse and Angie's place.

There, she shows them her baby and explains why she has it.

When Angie starts to take the baby to the station house, Randi orders her not to or she'll tell everyone that she killed North and that Jess helped cover it up.

Nurse Gayle calls David to warn him that Amanda and Jake were up at her bar, asking about "her" baby. Grabbing a hand gun, David kidnaps Liza and takes her back to his place where he forces her at gunpoint to reveal what happened.

Scott questions Zach about an unspecified $100,000 payment on his books so Zach lies to cover paying for his scheme to protect Kendall and tells Adam he can have his wedding at the casino.

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