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Spotting Jake comforting Amanda at the hospital, David grabs her file. To fool him, Jake grabs the file away and lectures him about showing fake sympathy.

Jake then calls Amanda about their success.

She visits with her baby at Taylor's and explains to Taylor and Tad that she and Jake have put into motion their plan to "adopt" Trevor.

After Taylor runs to ConFusion, Tad points out to Amanda that his friend is undoubtedly upset about the prospect of "losing" the baby.

At the bar Krystal advises Taylor that now that she's involved with Tad, they should get to know each other.

Taylor tries to downplay whether they're having sex or not but the two end up exchanging notes about Tad.

When Taylor guesses that she still loves him, Krystal won't confirm it but does state that she wants what is best for him.

When Ryan brings Ian to the hospital early for his appointment, Jake gives him a clean bill of health but then asks what name he needs to use for the drug prescription since he assumes the boy will soon be on the run with his mother.

As jury selection gets underway at the courthouse, Willis boasts to Liza, Zach and Ryan that the judge has okayed allowing Emma's testimony.

The jury chosen, Aidan approaches Zach who suddenly punches him. As the excitement builds in the hallway, Ryan helps Kendall slip out of the ladies' room window.

However, watching Ryan say goodbye to Spike, Kendall decides that she won't go on the run because she doesn't want Zach and Ryan taken away from the children.

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