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Zach and Ryan convince Kendall to accept their offer and escape from Pine Valley. Spotting Mitch preparing the yacht at the marina, Kendall considers following through with the plan.

She then changes her mind as she watches the police stop the yacht.

She turns herself into Natalia who arrests her. When Jesse asks her to implicate Ryan and Zach, Kendall insists that this was her plan alone.

Later, fed up with all that has happened, Liza tells Zach she quits.

Hearing him complain that Adam is being "played" by Annie, Marissa guesses that JR is actually missing his father and urges him to move back home.

As he points out his struggle with sobriety, the tough conditions at work and his frustration at living out of a hotel, Marissa encourages JR to have faith in himself.

Still at ConFusion, Krystal is curious when Tad and Taylor mention a baby but then try to cover their slip. When David also shows up at the club, Krystal casually mentions the baby reference to him.

Adam works hard to convince Scott to move into the mansion.

Surprising her with a new gown, Adam dons a tuxedo, presents her with a rose in front of a roaring fire and laughs that he never expected to fall in love again. Adam then asks Annie to marry him and she accepts.

Hearing about the offer from Adam, JR rages at Scott and warns that Adam is going to cause him to "lose the Stuart in him." Marissa's disappointed to hear JR go after Scott and walks out.

Natalia suspects that Jesse is hiding something. In jail, Kendall freaks out and tells Jesse and Ryan that she murdered Stuart.

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