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Ryan keeps insisting that Greenlee is gone. Jesse urges him to let it go.

Ryan reminds him that Angie had to "let Jesse go" years ago but then settles down to remember her.

Admitting she knows about her affair with Richie, Annie boasts to Riley that Aidan is going to expose her underhandedness but the doctor claims she can handle anything he tries to do.

Later, Aidan insists to Riley that Annie was crazy when she killed Richie and orders her to leave town.

She agrees to assign Annie to another doctor but later, she confronts her patient with a tire iron and vows to send her to the morgue.

Instead of using the weapon, Riley punches her patient and then threatens her with a syringe. Erica urges Kendall not to throw away her marriage but her daughter refuses to forgive Zach for his betrayal.

Reese denies to Bianca that she is having an affair with Zach but Bianca claims she knows about the kiss.

Reese downplays it and tries to blame it on Greenlee and having too much to drink but Bianca points out lesbians don't go around kissing guys.

Admitting how confused she is, Reese reminds Bianca that she is her wife and wants her forgiveness for the huge mistake she made.

Admitting she can't forgive her for breaking her vows before she even made them, Bianca packs up the kids and moves in with her mother.

Kendall returns home and kicks Reese out.

Zach returns to the casino and orders everyone to leave so he can drink away his troubles. Ryan arrives and tells Zach he'll make him pay by taking away everything he loves.

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