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David makes a mystery call. After Kendall angrily kicks Reese out of the house, Bianca calls to meet her.

Kendall is cold when Opal laments Greenlee's passing and the anguish Ryan must be suffering.

After Ryan threatens to take everything from him that he loves because of costing him Greenlee, Zach tells him to walk away.

Reese confronts Ryan and blasts him for telling Bianca that she was having an affair with Zach based on seeing a single kiss.

As they argue, Bianca interrupts and orders Ryan to leave her alone.

Reese is taken aback when her lover introduces her to Donna Stillman, her attorney who will be handling the annulment.

Reese pleads with her for another chance but Bianca won't consider it because she took everything from her. Ripping up the document, Reese vows that she is not giving up Gaby without a fight.

Zach comes home to find Kendall has little more than a chicken dinner for him. When he insists she never lost him, Kendall leaves to go offer Ryan support and they face the task of telling Emma that Greenlee is gone.

As Riley threatens to inject her with the syringe, Annie pushes her back and screams for help.

After Annie throws her onto the bed, Aidan rushes in with a guard and Riley panics to realize that she fell on the needle and was injected with the poison.

While Riley is rushed to the hospital for treatment, Aidan carries Annie to Angie because of the bruise on her head.

There, Aidan and Tad advises Jesse about Riley's vendetta against Annie.

Jesse questions the doctor who fears that she is dying and, after she talks, Jesse realizes Tad and Aidan were correct. After Annie thanks him for saving her life, he promises to always protect her.

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