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David asks Erica to help him with his grandson. She refuses to take a boy from his father just after he lost his mother.

He reminds her that she promised she would do anything after he saved Kendall's life but Erica won't do this.

As JR warns Colby that they have to make sure he doesn't find out about the pregnancy, Adam overhears them talking and mistakenly assumes that Colby's pregnant.

Seeing Pete, Adam attacks "the little snake" until Colby stops him.

Adam then realizes that Amanda is pregnant and JR is responsible. Meanwhile, Amanda advises JR that Ryan and Greenlee turned down the offer to adopt her baby.

Adam faces off with JR about Amanda's "condition" but his son warns that Amanda is going to give the baby up for adoption.

Colby confides to Pete that she misses his friendship and he admits "it stinks" not seeing her. Tad panics when he can't find Kathy and guesses to Jesse that David took her.

Krystal arrives and argues with Angie about David.

As they recount what happened earlier, Tad and Krystal realize that Kathy ran away after hearing them argue.

When Kendall points out that her sister has given him the daughter he's always wanted, Zach points out that he was just the donor and is not the father.

When he claims he was just trying to help, Kendall tells him she's glad he could. Bianca asks Kendall to be her daughter's godmother.

Erica privately confides to Kendall that she's not sure Reese is the best choice for Bianca. As she listens, Kendall realizes it's because of Reese's feelings for Zach.

Later, Kendall's cheered when Zach brings the kids to see her. Finding the girl at the docks, Amanda takes Kathy back to the yacht where Kathy claims she's playing hide and seek.

When the girl talks about her own mother and reveals that she wants a mother who stays and will love her forever, Amanda announces to JR that she's keeping her baby as David spies on them.

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