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Ryan asks Jesse to arrest Zach for murder. Kendall looks on blankly.

Later, after a guilt-ridden Kendall confirms that Zach accidentally turned into the wrong lane, Jesse tells Ryan he can't arrest Zach.

Furious, Ryan kicks them both out. Jake invites Krystal to join him and Tad at the bar.

When Tad spots her new ring, she explains it's actually a kind of promise ring, not an engagement ring.

Tad laughs at the idea while Jake later warns Krystal that she's mistaken if she thinks she'll live happily ever after with David.

As he gives David a hard time about the upcoming Heart Health Benefit, Joe suddenly feels dizzy.

After examining him, David orders Joe to have a battery of tests before he'll allow him to come back to work.

David then asks Krystal to take charge of the upcoming benefit in Babe's honor.

Joe comes clean to his sons about his health and warns that it's up to them to keep after David.

Though she allows Reese to hold the baby, Erica suggests that her failure with her daughter is her own fault.

Reese insists that she is going to fight for custody of Gaby.

Bianca lashes out at Zach for what he's done and though he denies her claim that he probably had sex with Reese, vows to keep him away from Gaby.

Zach counters that she's turned into her mother.

Ryan warns Erica that he is going to pay Zach back for what he has done and urges her to keep Kendall safe.

Erica and Bianca seek Kendall's help in fighting Reese in the custody battle but she claims Bianca made the mess and can clean it up.

Meanwhile, Reese asks Zach for help stopping Bianca. Finding her answering his ringing cellphone, David sternly orders her never to do that again.

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