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Jesse finds the bag in David's piano. Krystal guesses that Tad had something to do with this and was working with Jesse.

Denying it, Jesse tells Krystal he's going to throw David in jail.

But when David arrives, Jesse offers to drop the charges if he drops the charges against Annie and reinstates Jake at the hospital.

Later, David screams at Krystal to tell him who planted the pills but she lies that she saw no one. Claiming Bianca and Reese betrayed her, Kendall orders Zach to kick them out.

When Zach asks them to go, Reese guesses this was Kendall's idea but Zach insists it's his and sends them to a room at the casino.

As Ryan arrives at Fusion and finds his fiance on the floor, Greenlee comes to. Erica insists it was an accident but warns Ryan that she is in charge.

She also warns Pete not to side with someone other than her. At the hospital Greenlee points out that after his dream of her bloodied on a floor, he comes to Fusion and finds her injured.

He downplays her concern and insists that once they are married, they will be fine. Later, visiting Kendall, Greenlee leaks that Bianca once thought that Reese and Zach might be "involved" and even tested them.

Greenlee and Erica agree to work together to save Fusion. When Annie boasts that Richie was a "sick bastard who deserved to die," Riley slaps her.

Aidan questions the doctor about losing control with Annie but Riley insists she'll do what it takes to prove Annie is faking.

Quietly admitting how involved she can become with her work, Riley surprises Aidan by embracing him. Later, he warns Annie that Riley must have had a relationship with Richie and hopes to use this to bring her down. Aidan surprises Ryan when he stops by to check on Annie.

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