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Krystal warns Tad that JR's been drinking, and JR asks what Babe would think of Krystal. He claims that she and David are the hottest couple.

He accuses Krystal of sleeping with the doctor.

Alone with Tad, Krystal mentions the drugs David gave her but denies that he raped her and insists it started when he went to Africa.

Pressed for a reason she went after guys like Adam and David, Krystal blurts out that they make her feel alive.

Insisting David is just using her, Tad rushes her to David and boasts that he's there to make sure David gets what he deserves.

He then hands Krystal over to David and ends things with her.

Colby is relieved when Pete offers to be a friend and listen to her.

But when she pushes him away as he hugs her, he confesses that he hired Scarlet to make her jealous so that she wouldn't think of him as a geek.

He's hurt when she admits she likes him like a brother.

Pete confesses that he loves her and wants her. When she claims they can only be friends, he says he can't do that and asks her to leave.

After Zach gets a call, he and Reese head to the hospital where Bianca lies after a slight car accident.

She admits that she never left town because she "had to know" about her feelings for Zach and returned to see her in Zach's arms.

Reese downplays Zach comforting her and insists that she loves Bianca and committed herself to her.

She apologizes for hiding things from her but Bianca turns away.

Later, Reese sends her ring and a note, revealing her decision to go back to Paris. Bianca rushes home and apologizes. Realizing his horrible mistake, JR asks Amanda for help and she responds with a kiss.

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