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Dr. Sinclair brings Aidan in to see Annie, who asks him to tell the doctor his real name: Ryan. Annie then warns him that Greenlee is coming to kill him.

Sinclair locks Aidan in the room next to Annie's.

He discovers that he can talk with her through the ventilation system.

Telling her to shut her eyes, Ryan surprises Greenlee with a new motorcycle but after a terrible nightmare about a crash, she orders him to get rid it.

Stopping by for a house call, Sinclair advises the two that she intends to make Annie well enough to face murder charges.

Though Zach guesses she wants to make peace, Bianca worries when Erica invites Reese to brunch.

While Reese handles Erica well, Zach urges Bianca to trust that she has nothing to worry about where Reese is concerned.

Later, Zach confronts Erica and accuses her of scheming against Reese. Slipping into her hospital room, Josh tells an unconscious Kendall that he loves her and owes her his life.

He vows to make Zach pay for letting this happen.

As he secretly looks around the new casino, Josh overhears Reese gushing to Zach about all he has done for her.

He then snaps a photo of the casino's security blueprints.

When the undercover cop arrests her for soliciting, Randi warns that Frankie is her boyfriend and dares him to call Jesse.

When the top cop arrives, she starts complaining about how her past always ruins her future and leaks that Frankie's done with her.

Natalia encourages Frankie to tell Randi how much he loves her. In turn, he urges her to tell Jesse of her desire to be a cop though he admits the job took his father from him.

After urging his son to accept Randi, Jesse gives Natalia the okay on her career choice.

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