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Ryan boasts to Greenlee, Bianca and Reese that he's found the perfect place for them to get married. David advises Zach that Kendall's heart is getting weaker.

He vows to find a heart for her and suggests he might have to kill someone to do it. Finding Jake drinking at the casino bar, Zach asks how he can put Kendall at the top of the transplant list.

Reminding him that he's been ousted by David, Jake explains that Zach will need "access" which he doesn't have.

Knowing the casino security, thanks to Reese's blueprints, a masked Josh bursts inside and announces a robbery, shooting his handgun as he does.

Zach grabs Reese and pulls her to safety. Josh then points his gun at Zach. After she pops another pill, Krystal advises David that they're helping her.

He urges her to stop listening to the people badmouthing him and trust in his love for her. Adam approaches Tad and suggests they work together to stop David.

Tad laughs at the idea but Adam insists they have to protect Jenny and Little A. Talking to Annie through the vent in her room, Aidan advises her what to say to Dr. Sinclair so that she will eventually be released.

As she talks with her doctor, Annie starts remembering how she viciously threatened Greenlee. Later, when a confused Greenlee seeks advice from the doctor, Sinclair escorts her into Annie's locked room.

Though she's impressed when Annie apologizes, Greenlee warns the psychiatrist that she's lying and is very dangerous.

At the custody hearing, a drunk JR interrupts Opal's testimony against Krystal. Krystal takes the stand and testifies.

When David tries to remove her from the stand, she accidentally drops her pills which stream across the courtroom floor.

Feeling sick, Amanda tells Jake she think it's from the flu shot she got earlier.

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