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Impressed with how Brot calmed Emma, Frankie offers him a job as an orderly. Remembering how she killed Richie, Annie imagines him in her room.

Dr. Sinclair bursts in, demanding to know why he's back in her life. Slumping to the floor, Annie claims that he's gone.

Sinclair confronts Ryan again as he complains to the administrator about her and insists that her methods do work.

He disagrees when she claims Annie is faking her psychosis but she insists she will see to it that Annie is sent to prison for what she's done.

Later, Ryan complains to Greenlee about Annie's doctor.

Aidan chats with Annie through the vent again until Sinclair interrupts and announces that she is taking over his treatment.

At ConFusion, Amanda won't tell Jake if David is the father of her unborn baby. When she wants to run out after seeing David with Krystal, Jake convinces her not to panic and let David know that she's carrying his child.

Jake then chats with Taylor as she waits for Brot and wonders what it would have been like if they had stayed together.

David surprises Krystal with divorce papers he had drawn up for her and urges her to go hand them to Tad.

She reacts in anger, walking out on him.

Seeing the papers, Tad asks if she wants him to sign them and is flustered when she claims she doesn't know.

Boasting that he was at an AA meeting, JR assures Adam that he's sober.

Complaining to Colby about the problems of being a Chandler, JR leaks that Amanda is pregnant with his baby but won't let him have anything to do with her.

She encourages him not to give up on Amanda. He finds Amanda and insists that he will be there for her during her pregnancy.

Sneaking onto the yacht, David's furious to spot Amber with JR again.

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