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Erica refuses to attend the casino opening with Adam, who orders her to move out and threatens to send her a bill for the use of the mansion. Re: their NYE kiss, Amanda guesses to JR that he reached for her, rather than the champagne.

Jake advises David that he's still working at the hospital because he's filed a grievance for wrongful termination.

Ryan explains to Greenlee why he didn't want Emma to know she had spent the night with him but assures her that Emma loves her.

Admitting that she dropped some tarot cards before her reading, Opal blurts out to Krystal that Greenlee's happiest day of her life will be her last.

Opal suffers a panic attack so Krystal brings her to the hospital where JR and Jake accuse her of having an affair with David.

Krystal later willingly drinks the spiked milk from David.

Hearing that she saw Reese "comforting" Zach, Bianca is not pleased when Erica worries about Reese spending time with him and reminds her Reese is a lesbian.

Reese is nervous as Zach shows his concern for her injured finger while she works on finishing up at the casino.

Finding her with Zach again, Bianca's suspicious when Reese explains that Zach gifted her with a session at a spa to get ready for the opening.

Reese assures her that she's mistaken about their friendship.

However, Reese later explains to Zach that they can't be together anymore. Erica's disgusted to see Greenlee coming down from Ryan's bedroom.

At the grand re-opening of the casino, Krystal arrives alone and affected by the drink so David insists on staying close.

JR tries to chastise her but when she walks away, he grabs a champagne bottle and slips away to drink.

Hearing they're engaged, Opal warns Ryan and Greenlee that they can't get married. Krystal collapses after hearing about Tad.

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