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Sensing Jessie's uncomfortable, Angie urges him to see the humor and have a good time. Reese explains to Zach that she thinks she and Bianca should move out - Bianca, listening, insists they're staying.

Amanda tries to convince JR to stop drinking but he won't listen to her or Colby. David's amused to see JR embarrass himself at the party.

Amanda takes JR to the yacht where he tries to take her to bed.

Pete introduces Randi and Frankie to his friend Scarlet and confides to Randi that he hired her to make Colby jealous.

However, his effort is spoiled because of JR's drunkenness.

Krystal comes to and explains to David, Adam, Opal and Jake that someone from the embassy called to tell her Tad, Jeff and Jamie have been found and will be home soon.

Opal confides to Jake that she sees David for the snake that he is and hopes that Tad comes home soon.

Though Krystal insists there is nothing serious going on between her and David, Opal reminds her how dangerous David can be.

David follows Krystal out and is pleased when she confesses that she doesn't love Tad the way she loves him.

Krystal then orders him to get out.

Admitting Opal did predict the tornadoes, Ryan convinces Greenlee to forget about Opal's concern and marry him. After Greenlee confirms that she is happy, Jack gives them his blessing.

Hearing Ryan and Greenlee picked the same date to tie the knot, Reese and Bianca suggest they have a double wedding on Valentine's day.

Erica urges Bianca to reconsider. Jack accepts when Jake asks him to be his attorney when he goes before the hospital board.

Accusing him of still having feelings for Erica, Carmen walks out on Jack. At the hospital Angie learns that Rebecca's tumor has stabilized.

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