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Test results show David is not the father of Liza's baby. Stunned, he guesses the fix is in. Marissa dares him to care about his daughter.

David apologizes and agrees to end the paternity claim.

Asked if she had sex with Henry the night he died, Randi assures Madison that she has only been with her husband since they met.

Frankie finds his wife upset so Madison lies about what they were talking about and offers her congratulations on Randi's pregnancy.

Frankie tries to take his wife to bed but the memory of Henry mauling her in his hotel suite puts her off. She blames it on her pregnancy.

Later, she runs to Jesse and warns him about Madison.

He leaks that he already met the grieving widow who saw them on the security videotape. When Amanda asks him to confirm that Liza's baby is not hers, Jake allows her to feel guilty for thinking such a thing.

David approaches and apologizes for suggesting that their baby might still be alive. Krystal's not pleased when Marissa admits she helped David order the secret paternity test.

Defending what she did, Marissa claims that she now thinks David will move on. Having read through all of the D.A.'s notes, Liza shows Zach that Henry's last entry features a child therapist's phone number.

Zach guesses that the D.A.'s "ace-in-the-hole" was Emma. Meanwhile, Emma secretly listens to Ryan and Kendall talking about Annie.

Emma hears Kendall telling Ryan that emotionally, sometimes she feels like she did kill Stuart. Later the girl tells Ryan that she saw Kendall shoot Stuart.

Amanda overhears Jake boasting to Liza about tricking David with the DNA test. Frankie's unnerved when he gets a text message asking if he's sure it's his baby.

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