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Jesse is outraged to find Madison at the hospital. She's unconcerned as he points out Randi could have had a miscarriage because of her trick.

Madison counters that she has already lost someone, thanks to Randi.

Catching them both covering when she finds them arguing, Angie accuses Jesse of seeing the D.A. when he was in Washington the night he was killed.

When Adam suddenly comes to the conclusion that she killed his brother, Annie points out the flaw in his thinking. Putting down the gun, Adam apologizes and admits how confused he still is.

Annie states that she is the only person who was in the house that night who had no reason to kill him.

Outraged to find his daughter curled up in the fetal position, Ryan calms her and then blasts Zach for being willing to do anything to save Kendall.

He orders him and Liza to get out and stay away from his daughter.

Kendall is rocked by a vision of Stuart who claims he is there to help her find some answers.

Kendall thinks back to that night and remembers that Emma was in the room and fears that the girl did see her shoot Stuart.

She walks over to the Chandler mansion were she apologizes to Adam.

He gives Willis a copy of his security tape and then asks an embarrassed Annie how long she's been planning their wedding.

After Marissa tries to pair them up, Krystal advises her daughter that she and David will never be together.

Marissa and Colby are uncomfortable when David decides to stick around and help when he notices that Liza's baby has a slight fever.

Kendall tells Zach that she shot Stuart. Ryan rushes Emma to the hospital.

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