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Zach again urges Kendall to stop assuming she shot Stuart. Kendall points out he doesn't know the feeling she's suffering. Annie accuses Ryan of framing her to protect Kendall.

Ryan insists that his only concern is Emma. Jesse faces off with Annie about all the lies she's told over the past few months. Annie suddenly accuses him of "being in on it" with Zach and pushes him to go talk with Zach.

After her own investigation of the facts, Natalia questions Jesse about the problems in the case against Annie.

Ryan confronts Zach and Kendall about Annie's claim.

Kendall decides to make a confession and announces that she shot Stuart and that Zach just framed Annie for shooting into the living room the other day in hopes of clearing her.

Liza thanks David for taking care of Stuart last night. Jake sees them together and warns her about allowing David anywhere near her baby.

Marissa points out that she and David seemed to have gotten past their differences where her baby is concerned.

Explaining why Liza can't be her lawyer for the shooting, Marissa questions Annie about the shooting and begins to have some doubt about her guilt when she suggests that Zach is framing her.

Liza chastises her and reminds her their job is to save Kendall's neck. JR is not pleased when Scott claims that Annie must be innocent.

Jake advises Amanda that she must stay away from Taylor's place and the baby or else David will become suspicious.

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