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Randi tells Henry that she did as he asked. She now wants him to drop the charges against Kendall as promised.

He's astounded that he would do such a thing and reminds her of how great they were together.

Henry pleads with her to spend the evening with him, asking her to continue where they left off.

He kisses her but when he won't stop, she slaps him. Henry responds with a threat to tell Frankie that she's been sneaking off to see him.

He demands that she strip and tries to force himself on her.

She knocks him out with a nearby statue and runs out after he collapses to the floor. Later, Madison enters her husband's suite and finds him on the floor.

As he wakes and asks for her help, she asks if one of his hookers did this. She then grabs the statue and swings at him.

Randi returns later and finds Henry dead. Jesse arrives and asks what she did. Annie starts to strangle Erica after being accused of killing Stuart.

She lets Erica go after hearing Adam knocking on the locked door. When she lets him inside, Erica claims that Annie tried to kill her but Annie denies it.

JR guesses to Annie that she's not telling the truth about what she saw the night Stuart was killed.

After hinting to a worried Zach that she has left town, Kendall surprises Ryan with a hint that she has a plan that Zach can't know about.

She hides when Erica arrives but watches as her shaken mother runs to Ryan's arms. Kendall asks Adam for his help, hinting she has a way to find out the truth about Annie.

As she hides in a closet, Adam tells JR and a worried Annie that his memory is coming back and he remembers what happened.

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