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Marissa is embarrassed when she mistakenly mentions kissing JR. She realizes she's talking with Scott.

She apologizes and feels sorry for him when he claims that JR is always the one to attract the women.

Back at the casino, Madison boasts to Zach that because of him, she's finally let her husband know that she's in charge.

He asks for her help with Kendall but she assures him that everything is going to be fine. In Washington, Randi stops Jesse when he starts to call the D.C. police.

She explains that only Zach knows she may be there and then confesses that she is pregnant. With Randi acting as lookout, Jesse places Henry's body under a room service cart and removes the dead D.A. from the hospital.

He places him in his car and gives it a push off the road. Ryan surprises Kendall as she hides in the closet, listening to Adam hatch their plan.

Boasting to JR and Annie that his memory has returned, Adam accuses her of killing his brother. Annie insists that he wasn't in the living room and guesses that he is working with Erica or someone else.

Adam finally confesses that he simply wanted to prove to himself that she was telling the truth but she announces that she wants nothing to do with him anymore.

Back upstairs in her room, Annie uses a device to free herself from the ankle monitor. When Kendall and Ryan emerge from their hiding place, Adam orders security to call the police while Kendall calls Jack for help.

Kendall clears things up with Jack's help. Adam hurries to find Annie who admits she could have slipped out the window but decided to stay. He pleads with her for her forgiveness, telling her he needs her and promising to change.

Meanwhile, Jack blasts Ryan and Kendall for their scheme. JR stops by the casino and invites Marissa out. She agrees but suggests they bring his son with them.

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