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Jake tells Liza that he's arranged to make her "officially" pregnant. As they stare at an ultrasound, Amanda assumes it's a photo of her baby.

He then explains to a worried Amanda how he's going to insure that David doesn't get her baby.

When Krystal admits she thinks David could have killed Stuart, Scott vows to make sure David pays for killing his father.

However, when they call Jesse, he refuses to arrest him because he has no proof. David tells Krystal that he couldn't shoot Adam because of Marissa and Amanda's unborn baby.

After Colby catches her snooping in her mother's room, Erica points out that Liza has no alibi for when Stuart was killed and complains that Liza wanted Colby to lie for her.

She enlists her help looking for clues and as Colby looks, she finds a collection of unopened letters addressed to Colby.

She later reads them and is affected by Liza's words expressing how much she loves her and misses her.

Colby then shows them to Pete and regrets how mean she's been to her mother. Pete finds blood on a letter sent in May and rushes out to test it.

Liza confronts Colby about searching her room and confirms everything she wrote in the letters.

Colby is pleased but then realizes that she took the letters from the Chandler mansion the night Stuart died.

She accuses her mother of killing Stuart and then Pete calls to confirm blood on the letter.

Ryan explains why he thinks Kendall and Zach should marry as soon as possible. Kendall is surprised when Zach pulls out rings for them to don as the Justice of the Peace marries them in the hospital.

Ryan is outraged when Opal shows him a drawing Emma made which features an image of a woman with a gun and the girl admits Annie told her not to tell anyone.

Later, Ryan confronts Annie with the drawing.

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