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JR resents when Marissa defends David. He points out all the doctor has done to try to ruin him.

Marissa mentions her own losses and regrets that she never had the chance to meet her twin sister.

Reminding him that Annie kept the children safe, Adam orders Ryan to back off as he tries to question her about David and the night Stuart was killed.

Amanda explains that she saw David about fifteen minutes before the gun was fired. After Ryan leaves, Adam assures Annie that he'll protect her.

Aidan arrives and is not pleased to see him there.

David tries to question Kendall but Zach interrupts, vowing to protect his wife and suggesting that David is responsible for Stuart's death.

Admitting he was at the Chandler mansion that night, David denies having a gun. As she thinks back, Kendall remembers seeing a man outside and considers that David was the person she tripped over.

Ryan runs to Kendall and Zach and tells them his theory about David. Jesse and his men search the Chandler grounds and one officer finds a footprint of a man's shoe, size 11.

When Marissa finds David at home, ready to leave town, he confides that he feels he's being framed for the murder.

She urges him to stay and fight to show everyone he's innocent.

At the German hospital Brot urges Randi not to back down even when Frankie demands it or else she should go home now.

But when Frankie won't talk, she says goodbye and waits 10 seconds for him to call her back only to leave for the airport in tears when he doesn't.

Brot confronts his friend and warns that he's throwing away the best thing in his life. He then admits how angry he was for a long time that Frankie saved his life.

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