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Scott finds Dr. Chapelle hanging from his ceiling and calls 911.

Later, he stands by as JR lies to Jesse about the "negotiations" involving the new heart valve.

After Annie runs away from the other side of the glass door outside Ryan's place, Opal cries to Aidan that she's seen her again.

Aidan lies that he didn't see anyone. He urges her to go home and get some rest but pleads with her not to tell Ryan he was there.

After she leaves, Annie pops out and embraces him.

The two leave but fail to notice Annie left her wallet there. Arguing in the stairwell about whether she can see Emma, Annie accidentally causes Aidan to fall down the stairs and dislocate his shoulder.

He wakes and discovers that Annie has tied him up in the basement. Annie announces that she's in charge now and will be back for him.

David lashes out at Adam after Little A wants nothing to do with him.

When Jake declares that there doesn't see to be anything wrong with Ian, Zach rushes to the Chandler mansion and pulls David back to the hospital. David confides to Jake about the problem he found with the heart valve.

After hearing about Dr. Chappell's suicide, Zach suspects that Adam and David are hiding something from him. Curious to see how closely Gayle is watching over Adam, Erica gets a chance to chat with the nurse and realizes how much she admires David.

She overhears Annie urging Little A to know how much David loves him. Krystal steps in to defend him when Marissa gives David a hard time about using Ian's life as a bargaining chip. Showing her a photo of Babe, Krystal suggests to Marissa that she reminds her of her daughter.

Marissa finds Krystal at Babe's grave, blaming herself for what she did...

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