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Marissa notices Babe's birth date is the same as hers. Krystal calls it an amazing coincidence but Marissa doesn't buy it.

After some thought, she guesses correctly that Krystal is her mother and David is her father.

Krystal confirms that Lydia and Roy adopted her through a broker and loved her as if she was their own.

As she encourages her to understand what she was going through, Marissa figures out that David doesn't know the truth and Krystal sold her for money, choosing her twin over her.

Crying, Krystal insists that she's always loved her but Marissa orders her to leave her alone.

Erica confronts Gayle about her relationship with David and though the nurse claims it's based on the enormous respect she has for him, Erica vows to keep an eye on her.

David tells Zach that there is a problem with the heart valve but claims the Chandler's knew about it.

Adam interrupts and suggests that David made the mistake when he did the operation.

As they start to argue, Zach demands the truth from Scott and, as Jesse holds him back, lashes out at everyone for using his son this way.

David explains to Kendall and Ryan that he is putting Ian on a machine to prepare him for another surgery in a few days.

When David privately threatens Adam, he leaks that Krystal's secret involves David's secret daughter. Guessing it's Marissa, David threatens to kill him if it's true but stops short when Erica interrupts.

She takes him home where she is outraged to realize that Adam did know the valve was faulty. Though she wants nothing to do with him, Erica does stop Gayle when she tries to give Adam his medication.

David angrily confronts Krystal but before he can hurt her, Marissa interrupts.

Annie slips into the Chandler mansion and gets to see Emma but hides first from Gayle and then Ryan.

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