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Opal starts crying when she has a vision of a bloodied Ryan. Opal then reports that someone is going to die today.

Tad presses Jesse to bring Adam in for questioning, certain that he killed Dixie.

After Opal warns Ryan about her vision, he orders Jesse to arrest Aidan.

David is furious when Little A refuses to go to the zoo with him today. Adam takes great pleasure in sending the guy on his way.

Later, showing the hand gun he has in a desk drawer, Adam tells JR that with all the people who have threatened him, he's drawn up an agreement that gives Scott control of Chandler Enterprises should anything happen to him.

Scott assures JR he had nothing to do this but JR grabs the handgun and jokes that it would be fun to use it.

Putting it back, he grabs a whiskey bottle and pours himself a drink.

After a few more, JR seeks vengeance. Hearing that he still has faith in the heart valve, Stuart encourages Scott to believe that it will save lives one day.

Kendall assures Zach that she'll kill Adam if Ian dies.

Zach and Kendall are devastated when they're told that their son won't make it through the night. Later, the two watch as Ian flatlines.

Jesse stops an enraged Zach from rushing out but Zach signals Kendall to slip out instead. After Marissa hands Krystal her law school tuition check, she claims that she doesn't hate her.

However, she repeats that she doesn't want to see her or David again. David arrives and tells Marissa to go. After she leaves, he asks Krystal to stay away from him.

Krystal angrily confronts Adam about leaking her secret.

As he taunts her, she grabs his gun and takes aim. David arrives at the Chandler grounds but JR knocks him out and takes his gun.

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