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Angie advises Tad that the bullet was removed from his brain. Tad starts telling lightbulb jokes.

Scott shows Colby a bag he just found filled with his dad's clothes.

Claiming she's his attorney, Zach's casino lover introduces herself to Zach as Liza Colby.

He admits he's heard about her and she confirms that among others, Adam's been dead to her for years.

Liza urges him to fight the murder charge for the sake of his boys.

Talking about her "pregnancy," Liza admits that someone else is carrying the baby for him and asks him not to tell anyone she's not actually pregnant.

Ryan angrily grabs Aidan who explains where Annie was hiding.

When David asks Kendall why Zach confessed to killing Adam, Kendall explains that he was so torn after he thought Ian died that he had to confront Adam.

In the morgue, JR and Erica realize that it was Stuart who was killed, not Adam.

As the truth spreads throughout the hospital, David is outraged and wonders where Adam is.

Up in the Chandler attic, Adam wakes and finds Annie there with Emma. He confides that his memory has failed him.

As Ryan searches the mansion with Natalia and finds proof in the attic that Emma was there, the three slip downstairs and stop at the crime scene before rushing out.

Liza surprises Colby and admits that she turned to a sperm bank to have a baby.

Colby states that she's not interested in a life with her and then stuns her with the news about Stuart. Claiming she's got to reach out to Marian, she runs out.

Kendall confides to Erica that she was at the mansion when Stuart was killed. Erica describes what she saw there too.

Aidan finds Adam, Annie and Emma in the basement of the penthouse.

JR shows a devastated Scott Stuart's lifeless body. Scott guesses Adam used Stuart as a decoy.

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