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Introducing himself as Tom Rogers, Aidan convinces a suspicious homeowner to let them stay in her vacant room. She warns the room only has one bed.

Later, the landlady eyes the photo of the "wanted" Kendall on the front page of "USA Daily" and tells Aidan she's missed him.

Jesse finds Zach lying to the police about why he's at the abandoned church.

He explains that Ryan now thinks that Adam shot Stuart. Bailey assures Liza that she is through with Damon and calls him a jerk.

Eyeing the headlines about Adam and Annie's wedding today, Colby tells her mother that she would never attend but Liza suggests she go and show her father how much she loves him.

Bailey offers to watch Trevor so Liza can accompany her daughter.

When JR arrives and hears Adam boast that Annie is pregnant, he doubts the baby is his. He insists he saw Annie and Scott "going at it" awhile ago and though Scott denies it, he finally confesses that he kissed her.

He goes on to claim he was in a bad place and apologizes. JR states that he's sober and wants to reclaim his place in the family.

Adam insists Annie is his family and threatens to toss him out if he causes any trouble. He pulls Scott away and warns him never to touch Annie again.

Ryan presses Annie to confirm that it was Adam who shot Stuart but she responds that she's not afraid of him anymore.

As the ceremony gets underway, Annie walks towards Adam who flashes back to shooting his brother. Ryan stops the ceremony with an apology and then a lengthy speech about how proud Stuart would be right now.

After Annie says her vows, Adam imagines Stuart shooting him and collapses as he grabs his chest.

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