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Jake takes over after Emma is wheeled into the ER with head trauma.

Ignoring Scott's urging to sit and rest, Adam tells him and Erica that he reached out to the girl but she ran away from him.

He remembers seeing Emma the night Stuart was killed, sitting on a chair, hugging herself as she rocked.

He regrets hearing the sound of Emma screaming as she fell. After CAT scan, Jake reports to Ryan and Annie that there is blood collecting on the brain and a hole needs to be drilled into her skull.

Annie quickly blames Ryan and then runs to Adam to complain that Ryan is making all the decisions. After Adam leaves, Annie embraces Scott and starts crying.

Kendall makes another attempt to bring Zach back into her life and he finally responds the way she wants, admitting he wants to be with her.

Aidan interrupts and reports Emma's fall down the stairs. Jesse arrives with an update and then decides to arrest Aidan.

When Zach arrives at the hospital, he learns about the girl's condition and then faces off with Ryan who asks why his daughter always has to pay the price. Zach claims he did what he thought was best for them.

At the station house, Aidan advises Jesse that to make this look legitimate, he may have to have the D.A. "throw the book at him" to fool Annie.

Jesse reports to a suspicious Adam that Aidan confessed to kidnaping Annie.

Adam returns home and hears a troubled Scott admit that he knows Annie did not kill his father.

Kendall panics when the warden calls and leaves a message for Zach about his wife being stabbed during an incident at the prison. She goes on to state that the prisoner is being transferred to Pine Valley hospital.

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