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Natalia meets with a police psychiatrist about the shooting. Annie boasts to Frankie and Ryan that her daughter's awake.

Ryan asks why she locked the door to their daughter's room but Amanda claims it was an accident. Zach hears what happened and asks what she said to the girl.

In the stables, Jake assures Amanda that David is not dead. When he comes to, Jake shows him a shovel and lies that Aidan must have hit him.

In the house, David demands the truth from Amanda but she stands by Jake's claims. He points out his pain pills and bandages are missing from the house and starts making accusations.

Amanda asks him why he can't accept the truth and admits that she hit him earlier.

Jesse questions David about Kendall and Aidan but the doctor surprises Amanda when he claims he doesn't know anything.

As he leaves, Jesse guesses to Amanda that she hit David with the shovel and invites him to hit him again. While David fantasizes kissing Amanda, she's in stable, stripping for Jake.

In spite of reading a gossip report about him "falling off the wagon," JR assures Marissa that he's got plenty to live for.

They head to ConFusion where they find Scott drunk at the bar.

JR tries to get him to come home but Scott takes a swing at him. After he calms down, Scott complains that the only way he can help Adam deal with his brother's death is to stay away from him.

Brot refuses to leave her alone when he finds Natalia getting a drink.

She admits that she told the shrink what her fellow officers told her to say. He offers her advice on how he dealt with gunplay in Afghanistan.

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