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Adam reacts to Marissa's claim that she and JR love each other. Marissa and JR then meet David for dinner and stun him with the news that they wed.

David starts insulting JR and offers to get them some champagne, pointing out JR's an alcoholic. Letting her fangs show, Marissa attacks her father in response, boasting that he doesn't know what love is.

Zach threatens David when he tells a reporter that Kendall's escape from the hospital is more proof that she is a killer.

After introducing David to Bailey, Liza explains the control freak to her and then asks Bailey if she wants her son back.

Bailey admits that she still doesn't know. Liza urges her to do what's best for Stuart. Ryan runs to calm Emma who is upset about her mother's news that she's going to marry Adam.

The girl complains to him that he didn't tell her this secret.

Later, Emma remembers seeing Adam on the terrace, pointing a gun at Stuart. A shot is then heard.

Out in the living room, Erica urges Annie to go but she insists that Ryan is more to blame for trying to use their child. After Annie returns to Wildwind, Scott hears her worry to Adam that Annie is about to reveal her secret.

Madison's father shows the Hubbard family the DVDs his daughter kept and asks if Randi killed his son-in-law.

Jesse wonders why he didn't take them to the D.A. He confirms that his daughter confessed that she killed her abusive husband and offers them the discs, asking that they bury them for the sake of both families.

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