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Trent offers a toast on behalf of JR and Marissa. JR sits in with a cancer support group and listens to Trent talk about his marriage with Cynthia.

He admits that he refused to do anything to appease his wife's desire to start a family because of his cancer.

Trent states that it was him, not his cancer that pushed his wife away.

When Amanda complains that he's not helping her consider having David's baby, Jake points out that she actually wants him to make the decision.

David offers to hire Liza to help him with a change in custody. He explains his offer to Amanda and insists he's willing to do this to be a father.

Liza guesses he'll make another change once the new baby is born and "screw over" Amanda again. Marissa interrupts and is sickened to hear about David's hopes.

She accuses him of reacting to her marriage to JR and guesses that he is trying to replace babies with something missing in his life.

David warns that should she have a "Junior Junior," she'll find out the truth about the Chandler men. Later, Marissa cries to JR about what her father is doing.

With Liza by her side, Amanda tells David that she will have his baby. After chatting in the online room on the stolen laptop, Kendall assures Aidan she didn't give anything away with typing though she did mention how safe a house of God is.

Jesse reports that Natalia may have traced the escape car so Zach gets on the laptop again to warn Kendall. Brot listens as Natalia talks about trying to track Kendall with her computer.

Kendall and Aidan worry as they hear car tires screeching outside.

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