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Aidan and Kendall hide inside the church. Brot tries to stop a gun-toting Natalia from running inside a cabin. Natalia enters the empty house while Aidan spies two teens examining the church.

Natalia calls Jesse with an update but he angrily orders her to come back to Pine Valley. Natalia complains to Brot about the way her father treats his "little girl" and vows to keep looking for Kendall and Aidan.

However, she's unable to start the car, unaware that an amused Brot removed the spark plugs. JR gives Marissa a hard time after running errands for him.

He claims he's being selfish and has been thinking only of himself but she insists that she's happy being with him.

JR later calls Dr. Kahn about whether chemotherapy will affect his fertility but hangs up when Marissa returns.

Erica lets Adam know that his wedding has been canceled. He doesn't believe her and boasts he'll soon be married to Annie. A sympathetic Erica insists that Annie told Emma first and then her and Ryan.

When she stops by with a Halloween costume for their daughter, Ryan refuses to allow Annie inside. She gets her chance when Emma emerges, showing off her costume.

Annie finally tells Adam about the postponed nuptials and he accepts her reasons for the decision.

When Zach asks Ryan to put more pressure on Adam, Erica suggests they have someone reach out to him from beyond the grave. Adam surprises Emma at her Halloween party.

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