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Amanda advises David that she's set up an appointment with a fertility expert. Scott suggests to Annie that Adam is starting to remember the shooting.

Zach secretly records Annie as she argues with Scott about what the truth might do to Adam. Bailey is astounded when Damon surprises her at Liza's place.

Hearing Liza's out, Damon starts to kiss her but stops when he hears a baby crying. Jake convinces Liza to don a costume so she can be David's date at the "monster" Halloween party at ConFusion so he can be with Amanda.

When Natalia arrives with Brot, she gives Jesse a hard time about interfering with her search for Kendall and Aidan.

Though she claims she has gotten past shooting Aidan, Jesse announces that she is suspended. Krystal is rocked when she learns that David intends to have another baby with Amanda.

Dressed as Frankenstein, Adam arrives with Annie who is his bride.

While Scott and Annie are stuck in the elevator, Zach torments Adam with a mirror featuring the same words of help written in what looks like blood.

Erica finds Adam upset and takes him home where he claims he hears Stuart crying out for help. Alone, Adam starts remembering the night he shot Stuart.

In a panic because of the enclosed elevator space, Annie starts kissing Scott.

Bailey brings Damon to the party and introduces him to Pete and Colby who can't take her eyes off Damon.

Liza chastises Bailey for getting a sitter for the baby and then takes the alcoholic drink Damon brings to her. Bailey admits that Damon is Stuart's father but that she told her friend that Stuart is Liza's son.

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