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Jesse meets with Madison's father. Frankie is troubled when Randi suddenly decides that Madison might need their support.

She claims this is what Frankie did for her but Frankie insists she and Madison are not alike.

Madison dares Angie to give her enough pills to end her life but Angie refuses and vows to see her locked up where she'll have to face what she's done.

James refuses to believe Jesse's claims that Madison could have killed herself, telling the top cop that this has been going on for years.

Boasting that he knows what she needs, he menacingly vows to treat his daughter the way he's been "treating" her for years.

After Frankie doubts Madison's sincerity about ending her life, he's startled when James interrupts and lashes out at his daughter for all the torment she's caused him.

Shocked, Frankie kicks James out and offers to drive her to a psychiatric facility himself. During the drive, Madison hands Frankie the key to her safety deposit box.

Hearing Bailey asking the Maitre'd for her, Liza hands her baby to Jake and then meets with the woman who gave up her baby for Liza to adopt secretly.

Assuring her that baby is not hers, Liza reminds Bailey that the adoption is in a safe place and that the adoption is binding. Bailey threatens to get an attorney to find some answers to her questions.

David interrupts, curious about why Bailey keeps staring at his son who is being held by Amanda. Liza sends him away but he mentions his concern to Amanda.

Tad is taken aback when Krystal first suggests they reconcile and then explains her need to stop David from ruining another couple.

Tad responds that there is no way he could be with her if David is in anyway a part of her life. Hearing from Jake about Liza's trouble, Tad vows to "help" her.

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