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Jesse explains to James that his son is transferring Madison to Oak Haven for treatment. After swerving off the road and into a tree to avoid an accident, Frankie awakes.

He is still in his car and tries to wake Madison.

After being examined at the hospital, David decides Madison may need cardiac surgery. James is outraged by all that has happened and demands that his daughter be stabilized and shipped to a different hospital.

Frankie tells Jesse and Randi about the safety deposit key Madison gave him but adds that he doesn't know where the key is. When Madison wakes, she pushes Frankie to go find the key.

She then confesses in front of him and Jesse that she killed her husband, not Randi. Jesse later wonders if someone took the key from the crash.

Jake apologizes to Amanda for his harsh words but she asks him to stop apologizing. She asks that from now on, he trust in her love for him in spite of the fact that she's living with David.

The two go upstairs and have sex. Tad urges Liza to do the right thing and help Bailey. When Colby arrives with Stuart, Liza sits her daughter down and explains how she faked her pregnancy and then asked Jake to help her adopt a baby.

Colby is astounded by the story of her lies and deception. She figures out that Stuart is actually Bailey's son and boasts that everything that comes out of Liza's mouth is a lie.

After Colby leaves, Tad pulls her aside and defends much of what Liza has done because she was trying to protect her children. Unimpressed, Colby announces that she is done with her mother.

Meanwhile, Liza calls Bailey and invites her to come meet her son. She asks her to agree that her son's best chance at a great life is with her.

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