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Erica slaps Annie and pushes her into a stall in the ladies' room. The two argue as Annie jokes about her relationship with Ryan.

Later, back dancing with Ryan, Erica admits she's been quiet lately because she's been thinking about the idea that their relationship is "serious."

He responds with a passionate kiss in front of all the dancing couples and the TV audience. Upset, Annie runs from the room so Ryan gives chase.

Annie asks him if he's going to protect her.

Jesse, Angie and Randi are shocked when they spot Frankie dancing with Madison on the marathon dance floor.

Jesse confronts them and Madison hands him the tape player with the incriminating tape.

He shows it to his wife and daughter-in-law and announces that they must find the security tapes from the Washington hotel.

Until then, Jesse confides to Angie he's going to confess. Arguing about the importance of the tapes, Natalia suggests to Randi that Madison doesn't necessarily hold all the cards.

She later confronts Madison in the ladies room.

As she continues to play up her "fight" with Jake, David pulls Amanda aside during a break to explain why he needs her in his life with their son.

Jake turns on the charm, as he flirts with Carrie the nanny.

Shedding fake tears as he tells her he brought Trevor into the world, Jake suddenly kisses her passionately.

He apologizes for the kiss and claims to be lonely.

When she boasts she knows about loneliness too, Krystal interrupts and warns him about trying another scheme.

Liza talks about her hopes for the future and Zach responds with a kiss.

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