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Mark is annoyed that Lola summoned him to the HOJ, but he softens when he sees that she picked up the wedding rings. He gets stressed hearing about the bachelor party and that there are strippers since he doesn't want to anger Amy.

Emily has been left in charge of the PD, so she assigns Luke a case. Mark calls Tony Carver to prosecute the same case -- a felon who was recently paroled but caught with a gun. Tony remembers the man and feels he got a bad deal with the old three-strikes policy for petty theft.

Rachel is annoying Amy by planning everything, including what she's supposed to wear at her bachelorette party. As Amy looks longingly at the red dress, her mom and sister arrive, upset they weren't told about the wedding.

Gabriel arrives at the courthouse, stressed about the custody case. They run into Emily, who reminds Sara to tell Mark about dating a client.

Amy's sister Addison accuses her of keeping stuff from them, and Amy learns Rachel invited them. Rachel looks hurt that Amy isn't excited.

Luke's client, Fred, seems beaten by the system and doesn't think it matters why he had the gun. Lola gets suspicious of Mark's behavior when he abruptly ends a video chat with her.

Wanda Taylor, another attorney who also works for the Russians, visits Mark. They need another case eliminated, and Mark refuses.

Amy stops by the office to escape her family. She tells Ness she needs boundaries with them.

Fred's parole officer justifies why he reported the gun, but Tony doesn't think Fred is violent. Nevertheless, Tony wants Fred kept in jail at the hearing, but Lola agrees with Luke and releases him, thinking he's not a danger to society.

Mark meets with Lola and Wanda Taylor, trying to stall the murder case and get a continuance, but they are out of time.

Mark's bachelor party begins. Lola gives a touching toast about how Mark ditched a date back in college to spend Valentine's Day with her and how she knew he'd make a great husband.

Rachel realizes she screwed up when she hears Amy's mom accuse Amy of constantly abandoning people. 

Ness and Emily hide on the back patio and discuss Emily's plans for holistic law.

The bachelor party is in full swing when Luke gets a call. Mark also gets a call, and he and Robin are lured out to the patio, where Mark is held at gunpoint and kidnapped after Robin leaves.

Luke is disgusted that Fred held up a convenience store for one dollar after he's been fighting so hard for him. Neither Luke nor Tony know what to do next. Mark is brought half-naked to the Russians.

Sherri finds Amy crying outside, and they talk about running away from their families. Once they return inside, Amy and her mom have an honest talk.

Lola decides to combine the parties and is worried when she can't find Mark or Robin.  Mark is upset the Russians wrecked his party, and he's being forced to fix another case.

Thank goodness. Robin and Mark organized a sting to track the Russians. When they return to the party, Mark meets and charms his future in-laws.

When Gabriel and Sara meet with Amy and Ness, Amy pulls Sara aside and warns her to tell Mark about Gabriel.

While Tony and Luke originally had a deal for Fred, Lola changes it to enter him into the transitional program, so they'll all help reenter society this time.

Lola and Mark meet up. She's upset about everything he and Robin kept from her.




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All Rise Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Mark: Throwing out that DUI was a one-time thing, and Vic’s record is clear. So unless there is something else…
Wanda Taylor: I was really hoping we could resolve this before your upcoming nuptials. See you soon, Mark.

Mark: Look, figure it out. I don’t want Amy to be mad at me right now.
Lola: Is it just me, or did he seem a little hmph?
Sherri: Hmph!

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