Callaquinn's Wedding Day - All Rise
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Amy and Mark share a private moment on the patio in the early morning. She reassures him they'll be fine.

At their house, Robin reassures Lola he has surveillance watching Ivan and Mr. Costa, but he needs her to be careful at work.

Emily is stressed about defending Nori Byrd, who is charged with murdering her husband. There's no body, so she's hoping Clayton Berger will offer a deal.

Thomas Choi arrives and announces he's taking over the Costa case, which worries Mark.

Nori tells Emily she had a fight with her husband, and when it became physical, she scratched him to defend herself. After that, she passed out, and when she woke up, she couldn't find him, and she doesn't remember what happened.

Emily's concerned about the amount of blood, and when she meets with Clayton, he offers to drop the charges of voluntary manslaughter in a plea. They end up going to court.

Clayton asks the officer what he saw when he arrived on the scene, and he observed Mrs. Byrd near her car, covered in blood with a knife. They investigated the rest of the house and found an extensive blood trail and several processers destroyed but no forced entry.

Lola gets frustrated and goes to check on Mark. Amy is also having a bad day and learns Andre wants to sue the firm for $100,000 for stopping the merger.

DA Choi thinks Mark is too close to this case and refuses to negotiate with Wanda Taylor. That makes Mark worried for Vic and Lola's safety. Lola refuses to pull herself off the case.

Luke learned that Archer Byrd was involved in crypto and suspects whoever killed him wanted his currency. Clayton learns Nori had a lesbian lover, which gave her more motive.

DA Choi calls a witness, and it's Mark's dad. Mark explodes, but DA Choi reasons Vic wants to do this. Robin and DA Choi try to explain that witness protection will be the only way Vic is safe.

Vic tells Mark this is the one thing he can do so his son is proud of him. Amy arrives, and the two trade stories about their awful day. She's still sure they can survive this.

Emily thinks Raya, Nori's lover, testifying hurt her case.

Vic testified that Mr. Costa told him if he didn't pay off his debt, he'd die. He saw what happened to the other victim. It's painful for Mark to hear his dad describing his beating.

Mark isn't happy his dad is going into the federal witness protection, and the two men share an emotional goodbye.

Emily hit the jackpot. The crypto expert confirmed that Archer Byrd was in Mexico along with his currency, so Judge Delgado dismissed the case.

It's finally wedding day. Amy freaks out over her sister's black dress, but her mom calms her down.

Luke and Robin toast Mark until Thomas Choi arrives to reconcile with Mark. Lola is outside working on her speech, and Robin interrupts, and they discuss how their relationship has improved.

Lola checks on Mark and straightens his tie, and they celebrate his wedding day. Amy starts down the aisle.

It's so sweet that the entire HOJ is there. DA Bravo performs the ceremony, and Mark and Amy's custom vows are so heartfelt.

At the reception, Mark gives Sara his blessing to date Gabriel. Everyone is dancing. Luke and Emily sneak away to make out, but then she gets a call that Nori went to Mexico to shoot her husband.

A court server serves Amy and Rachel with a lawsuit from Andre. We end with everyone taking bridal party photos.





All Rise
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All Rise Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Mark tries to bully Lola into putting a different judge on the case, but she refuses.
Lola: I will not be bullied off the bench.
Mark: They know where you live!

Mark: Last chanceā€¦
Amy: Last chance for what?
Mark: Last chance to run from me, from Vic and my childhood baggage.